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The latest creation by the legendary Sri Kumaran Stores, Chennai represents their tireless commitment towards fusing innovation, modernity and elegance. The name itself translates to ‘so light it fits in your palm’ which perfectly sums up its most admirable feature. Today the need of the hour is convenience and style, this range of saree has a remarkable feather light design that defies the typical bulkiness which is associated with traditional sarees. 

The rich tapestry of design which is crafted with the most luxurious silk, handcrafted with skilled artisans speaks volume for itself. The Kanchipuram silk weaving mastery by these artisans can be seen in each of its thread that adds to its fine quality. Making fashion more feasible and accessible, the KAI KULLA SAREE is the perfect choice for a wedding, festival, or special event. Since wedding destinations are on a high, they do not add any extra weight to the luggage and can also be placed in any carry on.

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Kai Kulla Saree

now available in-store and through virtual video shopping.

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Apart from this, Sri Kumaran Stores has a history of redefining fashion, from creating denim sarees to introducing the concept of ‘Bag Saree’ collections that complement each saree look. Their ‘Jodi Pattu’ pairs a silk saree with a silk shirt which is the perfect combination for couples.

Among their bestsellers is the ‘Colour Changing Saree,’ which changes color when exposed to light, adding a beautiful dimension to the look. The ‘Pocket Saree’ was one of its kind where pockets were added on the side, combining fashion and practicality. Additionally, the ‘Glow Silk Saree’ literally shines in the dark, making the wearer the star of the evening.

Sri Kumaran Stores has become the most trusted brand for traditional wear since the 1950s. Every year they push forward fashion boundaries and create pieces of art in the form of sarees that offers something unique each time. Their 60,000 square feet store in T Nagar, Chennai along with their branches in Kanchipuram, Arani and Kumbakonam have made them true icons of thier industry.